The Revcovent PR agency assists most companies in passing information to the people all over the world. Our major offices are located in London and they are accessible by anyone wishing our assistant any time during the working ours. In addition to that we have a customer care service which is functional at any time of the day. We can also be accessed using our website where anyone wishing our services can leave a request which will be worked on timely and effectively by our staff. In the agency I work as a consultant. The agency comprises of 22 qualified and conversant employees who are ready and willing offer the services. Most of our employees have degree honours in courses such as; communication and media services, English and creative writing, business management, marketing, social science and politics. Each employing is assign activity that best suits him. Our employees are flexible as they are expected to network and socialize with clients the media and colleagues to make and build relationship. This makes their life intertwined between work and social life.

Our agency is the best for communicating your plan this is because the agency is set and sticks to deadlines. We make plans of deliveries and communicate them to the company that we are working with. This makes ensures that they receives the best services and on time. We have been in service for the past 10 years which have given us stability and influence among the people. This has given our workers great experience in this field to an extent of being popular to the media and among the citizen. Most of our communications are done through television programs where we book for some time. Most of it we prefer just after the news or during the news where we get to catch most of the listeners’ attentions. With this we have been able to establish ourselves and given the agency a good reputation among the companies and organizations we have offered our services and those willing to be serviced by the agency. No matter the situation of the service you expect from us our employees are willing to work an extra mile in ensuring that you get the best services this is because a win for you is a win for us and the success is shared. The will put in every effort to ensure that your top line objective is achieved and the communication goes through and it is received by the recipient in the appropriate manner giving them the reaction that you expect them to get. Our agency is detailed oriented ensuring that every detail of your communication will be passed to the right recipient. This will assist the recipient in easily understanding the message passed without much thinking which might lead to development of alternative interpretation of you message. We shall assist you in selecting the best channels depending on who you wish to be recipient of your message. This will reduce money you spent in including the message in sites that none of your recipient have access to. With the good established grounds we have already established a good relationship with most of the media companies which makes our communications have a priority and get chances in one of the best times which will catch the attention of many listeners. Most important of all is that our agency is built on trust with companies we work with. With this we ensure that the information we pass to the people will be positively received and will produce reactions as the company wishes

Griffin wind farm is located just south of Aberfeldy approximately 19 miles northwest of the city of Perth in Scotland. The farm was built by Siemens wind power and began generating power in august 2012. It is operated by SSE, although maintenance is given by Siemens energy service Renewable. It was built on a mixture of upland heather moorland, grassland and commercial forestry. The farm has 68 2.3MW turbines in three groups of 30, 25 and 13 turbines, and a total capacity of 156.4MW. The expected lifetime of the project is 25 years. The SSE wishes to extend the firm which will involve 50 new turbines and an output of 160MW. This will generate enough electricity to power 80000 homes. This is estimated to cost £80 million which will be funded by SSE. The extension is expected to build 100 jobs during its construction time and 20 permanent jobs upon completion. It is estimated that the extension will generate £121 million to the Scottish economy during the construction. There will be a further investment of around £20 million in the lifetime of the project in local communities, through a community benefit fund. This is despite the fact that onshore wind firms are controversial and critics claim that they are ruining the countryside. They raise the concern that wind firms are often noisy, the affect landscape and negative visual effects, ecological damage and negative impact on wildlife. Currently the SSE employs 14 people permanently in the Griffin wind firm, 14 contractors are also employed full time at the site by Siemens Energy Service Renewables.

The message will be supported by many people especially those living in the area. This is because the extension will provide job opportunities to the residents of the area. This will raise their living standards. With the completion of the construction project it will have created 20 permanent jobs for the people in the area. This shows that the project have to a large extent positive influence to the people in the area. The project will also win support from the government as it will see creation of job opportunities for the people. The project completion will see that 80000 more homes will be provided with electricity which increase greatly the electricity output of the company. With the project will also be fulfilling the government vision of producing 15% of electricity from renewable sources in order to meet EU target. The Scotland government has a commitment to expand the portfolio of onshore wind farms which supports the SSE vision. The expansion is though faced by a number of challenges from critics who are broking the project from being executed. One of this is the Conservative Party which won, the party had promised to stop further spread of onshore wind farms in rural British. They have gone to an extent of ending subsidies for new onshore wind farms.

My agency has the necessary qualifications to pass the message to the people of the area that is Aberfeldy and the neighbouring communities. This is proved by the various communications we have been able to make for various companies to its employees and stakeholders. The Aberfeldy region has a local station where most of the people always tuned to. These station mostly provides them with local news and also news from outside world. Our agency will also find a chance in the national television station immediately after hourly news which will be able to catch attention from majority of the people nationwide. We will convey the message in a way that it will reflect the positive side of the extension in order to gain support from the people. The people support will determine the ruling made the Scottish ministers working in conjunction with local authorities of Perth and Kinross council.

Message and format it will be communicated in

‘We are gland to inform the people of Aberfeldy, Dull and Weem, Dunkeld and Birnam, Kenmore, district and mid Atholl, Strathay and Grantully. Of our proposed plan to extend the Griffin wind farm. This will see addition of 50 wind turbines with a capacity of 160MW. The project will see electrification of 80000 more homes country wide. The construction is estimated to take 2 years and it will see creation of 100 jobs during the construction period. After completion the extension will have created 20 more permanent jobs. The project is also estimated to generate £121 million to the Scottish economy during the construction phase. This will cost the SSE an estimated value of £80 million. Furthermore there will be a further £20 million investment over the lifetime of the project in the local communities through community benefit fund. The project will also be playing part in fulfilling the Scottish government’s ‘Route for Renewable Energy in Scotland 2011’ vision of electricity demand that 30% will be from renewable sources.’

Ways to communicate the message

The agency will use to communication channels which will ensure that the information reaches the people of the areas in time. The people of the areas the wind farm will affect have a general local radio station which most of the people prefer getting news from. This is because it’s the one used by most of the local people to pass message to others concerning gatherings and ceremonies. The radio station has a program which analyse the way of life of the people in the area, arising matters and also factors that affect the general public. Our agency will see that the communication is done immediately after news which will catch attention of the people as their concentration will not have gone. Our agency will also look for a chance to have one of our employees invited in the radio station and act as your agent in explaining to the people the benefit of the project being carried out. This will enable it to win benefit of doubt of the people. With the people supporting it means that during making of the ruling by the minister and local authorities of affected region it will win the support of the local authorities which is the voice of the people. The agency will also organize for the message to be communicate in the national television station. National wide the station is relied by the people for the news that mostly concern the country. It mostly conveys news about what the government is doing, what and how it proposes to do it. The station also gives time for people to criticize the news and give their own opinion on the matter. The agent wishes to see that the message is communicated during the short break that occurs during reading of news. This will catch the attention of all the news viewers as it’s an issue that is affecting the whole nation.


From these the budget will be spent as follows;

Activity Cost in £
Radio announcement 20,000
Television announcement 30,000
Organizing for the program 20,000
Travelling, printings and other minor activities 10,000
meetings 20,000

This communication will see us meet our objective of been able to encourage to try an activity that will see improvement in their lives. This includes creating interest in the people about the Griffin wind company. Being able to influence their judgement about the company.


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