Green venture Finance personal essay

When we initially started learning about the Green venture finance, my first contemplation was what was the purpose of studying it? How will it help me towards improving my perception as an individual? How would it be helpful to my development as a learner? How will it help me in my career? However, I got the answers to all these questions as the semester progressed and as we continued to learn about the green venture financing. On the other hand, I found the Green venture finance to be inspiring since I have always been interested in participating in things that impact the environment positively, as part of my social responsibility. Reading about Green venture finance has personally changed my perception regarding how to undertake as well as finance a business. I have been able to learn about the importance of sustainability in a business.

Sustainability is an imperative aspect which helps towards overseeing that the going concern of a business is not under any threat. In this regard, this subject gave me as a learner, important insights about most aspects pertaining human world from the business to environment to technology as well as the social sciences, particularly in the contemporary world whereby the society, including employers are focusing greatly on the fundamental skills with which learners leaving colleges and universities possesses. These skills that I was equipped with after reading about green venture finance, are very important, especially in the contemporary world whereby measures are being put in place to reduce the carbon emissions drastically as well as discovering and developing future technologies. I have always inspired to become an entrepreneur in the future and hence the skills that I gained after learning about green ventures as well as how they are financed will help me in my career as an entrepreneur, as I will be able to embrace sustainability through socially responsible investment.

I have learnt many lessons regarding the importance of sustainability in business ventures since the beginning of this semester. The subject has enlightened me significantly. I began this semester in my own individual state of limbo as to my personal identity. However, as I was taught regarding the green venture finance I was able to rediscover who I am, as well as the type of an entrepreneur I want to be. My perception regarding sustainability has changed due to rediscovering myself through this subject. Environmental awareness as well as sustainability skills is usually a priority in numerous corporate jobs when recruiting new employees as business ventures are striving towards adhering to the new legislation pertaining sustainability. Before the semester, I was not concerned much about sustainability and I did not perceive it as an imperative aspect. To be honest, I was always a little sceptical pertaining areas of sustainability as well as the environment. I perceived sustainability to be a very costly and complicated affair which only the multinational companies could afford to implement. I never thought that sustainability had a huge impact towards the growth as well as performance of a business venture. However, as the semester progressed, my skepticism pertaining sustainability as well as the environment faded with time and currently I am more concerned about sustainability. I have learnt that how business undertakes their operations on their daily basis, directly impacts the environment. Therefore, in my own small way endeavouring on changing the world, I have started creating awareness amongst my peers regarding the significance of sustainability, in order to create a wave of change regarding how they act as well as how they perceive sustainability. It’s about truly making a difference or change, and then from that change comes the ultimate satisfaction. I now perceive Sustainability as an area that I can no longer opt to ignore since I have also learnt that sustainability has a competitive advantage. Sustainability is founded on a straightforward principle: Everything required by human beings for their well-being as well as survival depend either indirectly or directly, on the natural environment. So as to pursue sustainability, it is imperative to maintain as create conditions under which nature and human beings can coexist in productive harmony aimed at supporting present as well as future generations.

I have also learnt sustainability can be achieved worldwide if people would come together and collaborate towards making the world a better place through the creation of awareness about the significance of sustainability. This has helped me in appreciating the power of collaboration whereby personally I have also been able to collaborate with others better in the classroom as well as in the society in many aspects aimed at ensuring that there is sustainability. Sustainability has become my main source my nourishment as well as enhancing my creativity. In the beginning of this semester I was thinking purely on a rational perspective whereby spending more extra money as well as effort trying to support causes that possibly could not benefit me directly did not make any sense to me. I could not see any sense why someone should buy recycled paper or carbon credit for higher prices since I could not figure out the benefits that they would enjoy for purchasing environmentally-friendly products. In this regard, I perceived the Green business ventures to be selling their green products at higher prices unnecessarily.

After learning about sustainability this has completely changed my purchasing behaviors as a consumer whereby I have become more proactive with my environmental behaviors. I am now more attracted to ethical businesses or green ventures who values sustainability, thus being able to make more ethical choices. Truly, my lifestyle has completely changed whereby I am focused more on sustainable consumption. My expectations on how businesses should be undertaking their operations has rose drastically whereby I expect businesses to be on the forefront by going green. In this regard, I expect them to minimize their energy consumption, producing environmentally sensible products, carry out corporate social responsibility, as well as ensuring that their operations are not harming the environment among other aspects. By going green these businesses will be capable of minimizing their costs, meet competitive threats, lessen their risks, enhancing their brands, as well as increasing their revenues. Hence my consumer behavior has changed as the semester progressed through making green decisions whereby I normally opt to buy environmental friendly products. Through being an environmentally responsible consumer, I usually find myself purchasing environmentally-friendly goods, even if their prices are higher than others. My perception also has changed whereby I see environmentally-friendly goods to be safer to use, of high quality, more sustainable, and less harmful to the environment. This is because of their efforts to address the environmental problems. I also perceive those green ventures to be more trustworthy thus I tend to be more loyal to their products. Hence, learning about Green venture finance has made me to have a more positive attitude towards green products and business ventures. I have become an altruistic human being who is ready to sacrifice money, happiness, as well as time for the well-being of others, through putting the well-being, or interests of the future generations, above my immediate comforts and pleasures. As an eco-friendly consumer I also find myself exercising green spending whereby I prefer purchasing products as well as services from businesses that usually give back to their society.

As a probable investor, I have completely changed my perceptions regarding my investment decisions as I have learnt to undertake socially responsible investments. In this regard, before the start of this semester I did not see any sense pertaining socially responsible investment. I had a rational perception that the most important factor when making decisions pertaining investments was profitability. However, as the semester progressed, I came to learn about the significance of maintaining sustainability purposed at safeguarding the interests or well-being of the future generations though being environmentally-friendly. I am now more willing to invest in companies that are producing environmentally sensible products and also whose operations are environmentally-friendly. Also, I usually convince people around me to exercise socially responsible investment. This will favor the Green ventures as they will easily get funds needed to finance their operations so that they can continue producing socially responsible products and services. Before the start of this semester, I also had a perception of the Green ventures being more likely to collapse since I perceived them to be selling their products at exorbitant prices. However, as the semester progressed, I learnt more about sustainability and thus I was able to learn that Green ventures are more sustainable compared to other businesses and thus they are more likely to experience more growth and profitability compared to others. This is because more investors are more likely to prefer investing in companies that are more socially responsible as they perceive them to be more sustainable. This will help these businesses to have readily available finances needed to finance their operations, thus reducing their likelihood of collapsing due to financial issues. On the other hand, consumer currently are becoming more proactive in terms of eco-friendly products and services as they perceive them to be of high quality and safe thus increasing their revenues and enhancing their profitability. Therefore, I was able to change my perception pertaining the sustainability of Green ventures and now I have a viewpoint of them having less tendencies of collapsing.

purpose entails making the world a better place to live in, through contributing to sustainability. I perceive it to be my social responsibility aimed at ensuring that the future will be sustainable. One of my goals entails creating awareness to many people as possible, including entrepreneurs to go green with an aim of ensuring that sustainability of the future is achieved. I would be happy to see a socially responsible society whereby people are buying eco-friendly goods and services that focuses on sustainability rather than profit making only. I would desire to see a society which is environmentally-friendly whereby people are perceiving sustainability as their social responsibility. In the next few years, I strongly believe that I will be a successful entrepreneur. I will value sustainability whereby I will focus increasingly on the strategic sustainable issues when undertaking the business practices. I have a strong believe that a business venture cannot fail if it focuses on pursuing a common goal and focus on important issues with the strategy that is aligned closely to their business imperatives. As an entrepreneur, I will innovate as well as persist, even when faced with harsh economic realities,as well as collaborate beyond the venture while adopting expertise of each team to accomplish common goals. I will ensure that I will undertake environmental sustainability programs that will be effective through rallying the team purposed at clearing as well as stated objectives. Learning about green venture finance has made me more creative as well as enhancing my judgement when choosing what is attainable. I have learnt to rely upon other people to help me in undertaking as well as achieving the objectives pertaining sustainability. In order to ensure sustainability, I will focus on performance, innovation, leadership, as well as transparency as they matter a lot.

In this semester, I have also learnt an important lesson regarding green ventures that sustainability necessitates collaboration of businesses, government, as well as non-government organizations. Transforming the society would require the efforts of the businesses, citizens, and governments working collaboratively in becoming more efficient, developing economically viable, innovative greener technologies, as well as using these innovations across the society. In this regard, I have learnt the importance of working together with my classmates in solving problematic issues in group work. I have also learnt that for a business to succeed in practicing sustainability, it requires hardwork as well as expertise of numerous individuals in numerous departments of the company. It is these concerted efforts that helps in allowing the company to undertake as well as succeed in sustainability. In this case, it will entail numerous diverse departments, bringing together various knowledge as well as values towards achieving this common mission. This will be collectively effective. When reading about sustainability, I have learnt that environmental initiatives are ought to be viable economically in order to be sustainable in future. If not, the business cannot be sustainable in the long-term. In this regard the environmental initiatives or the business will cease to exist. Also, I have learnt that business ventures should implement environmentalism in a manner that adds tangible value.

As a learner, I have been able to relate well with other learners and collaborating in various aspects. This is as a result of learning the importance of collaboration in this semester. I have been very vocal both in the classroom and in the society whereby I create awareness amongst the people around me regarding their personal in addressing social as well as environmental issues that have become a global issue. This campaign has borne fruits as people are increasingly becoming aware of the significance of solving these problems and now they are aware of their obligation towards making change. Just like myself, the way that I underestimated my efforts towards making a change in addressing these issues, but as the semester progressed, I was able to realize that I have a personal obligation as an individual of making the world a better place, also the people around me are increasingly changing their perception pertaining sustainability and are now more socially responsible and they are changing their consumer behavior favoring the eco-friendly products as well as services.

In conclusion, the learning outcomes of this semester have helped in my development as a learner. Moreover, this knowledge will increasingly help me in my future career as an entrepreneur. I have learnt how to collaborate with others in order to achieve exemplary results in sustainability. I have also learnt that innovation is an incredible ingredient towards achieving sustainability in a business venture, including environmental stewardship. The learning outcomes pertaining green venture finance have improved my understanding regarding sustainability. I have learnt in this case that a business alone cannot achieve transformation single-handedly and it requires collaboration, coordination, as well as momentum of other stakeholders, both inside as well as outside their industry. I have also learnt to be persistent since achieving transformation in terms of sustainability require persistence as it is a challenging undertaking. The issue of sustainability has led me to enhance my sense of belonging, identity as well as connectedness to the environment. I have been able to realize that I have leadership skills due to my ability of mobilizing people around them and changing their perception towards sustainability and being able to convince them about the importance of contributing towards this noble cause. Major brands are also realizing the benefits derived from going brand, such as gaining a competitive edge against the competition and they are becoming more keen on building trust in the products and services they are offering to the consumers through becoming more ethically as well as environmentally conscious. In future, even in my career, I will continue being an environmental crusader, whereby I will go on with my campaign of creating awareness regarding sustainability.